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Tap and Handle was named to the prestigious Draft Magazine® Top 100 Best Beer Bars in the World list!

Tap and Handle was founded in 2012 by Jeff Willis, formerly of Austin's The Ginger Man, and was bought by Katie Davis and Andrew Fitzgibbon in 2016.  Just recently, we have been fortunate enough to add Chris Schafernak, a long-time bartender and manager of Tap and Handle as a co-owner.  We welcome his expertise in the industry, which will continue to be apparent in the Tap & Handle's 74 rotating drafts, where rare and amazing craft beers like Toppling Goliath Mornin’ Delight, Perennial Abraxas and Cantillon are not uncommon finds, just to name a few. 

Join us for a drink to see what makes Tap and Handle one of the best beer bars in the country.




As our resident lover of all things spooky and weird, Paige is always servin' up those friendly witchy vibes. She's from Littleton, CO but has been living in Fort Collins for two years and has worked at Tap ever since. She loves poker and enjoys spending time outside.


Taylor has been with Tap on and off since 2015 and has come to view it as a second home. When you walk in, you'll know if he's working; he's boisterous and loves a good conversation, especially one that brings out his unmistakable laugh. If you're having a dark day, come in and let Taylor's million dollar smile brighten your life. After all, having a good beer with a friend solves most of life's problems. 


Laz (Chris) is a proud New Jersey Native, but feels more at home in Colorado than anywhere else he's been. He's a huge beer geek, travel lover and Philadelphia sports fan...and he's always 100% happy to discuss any of those topics in as much detail as possible when there's time!


Cass is an Oregon Native, but has loved her time here in Fort Collins. Cass's worked at multiple breweries and was even a hop farmer for a while.  She's been in Colorado as well as Tap and Handle for a little over a year now.  When she's not cracking a cold one or talking beer, Cass loves being in the outdoors and hanging with her two fur babies.  If you don't have her photo as a reference, you'd know her by the bartender with a welcoming smile and positive attitude! 


Born and raised in Fort Collins, Cotton is someone everyone loves to work with! He started at Tap in May 2019, but it took no time at all for him to become part of the family. Cotton has always loved beer drinking, so he jumped at the chance to expand his beer knowledge. Whether it's rooting on the Ohio State football team, playing video games, or going out for drinks with friends, he's always in for a good time. 



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